Don’t inherit liabilities

I’m 47, and thinking about midlife. I have this precautionary statement on repeat: Don’t inherit liabilities. Work toward reversing any “issues” that trend toward liability. Because where do I want to be in a decade? What will have made all the difference at 57, which happens to be when my youngest turns 18. What then? I’m preoccupied with that question (and acting accordingly). That sums up the reason “why” I’m choosing to post here, and will be documenting and unpacking around this topic.

Basics of healthy living

My message is to embrace the essentials.

The basics include:

Morning sun, earth beneath your bare feet, real food. Hydrate. Rise and fall with the sun, foster good relationships, prioritize love, kindness, and get closure on the “unfinished business” of life. Get sweaty daily, disconnect from screens, nurture mental well-being, manage stress. Writing in a journal. Thrive naturally and proudly live into my second half of transformations.

No apps needed. No supplements needed.

Comfort isn’t that comfortable

Just as “safe” is no longer that safe, comfort isn’t that comfortable.

I can’t be “comfortable” with the day job, carting the kids around, and Friday night pizza, so why do anything more?

For me, it’s these reasons:

● to prove I’m as capable as I think I am.
● to not back down from a self-inflicted challenge.
● to make a commitment and see it through.
● to step out of my comfort zone to pursue growth.

If I don’t do the above, I won’t be comfortable with myself.

I can accomplish the above points along with the day job, carting the kids around, and enjoying a slice of pizza on Fridays.

Summer 2023 project update

I’m still going strong with my freelance writing and marketing “side hustle,” juggling three clients while keeping up with my greenhouse day job and my kids’ ever-expanding lives. Life is hectic but fulfilling, and I’m genuinely grateful for it all.

I’m ready to take on a new -related- project: documenting my journey to healthy living. Specifically, I want to empower middle-aged men to conquer their challenges and embrace a transformative next chapter. Why this focus? Well, because at 47, I’m living it too!

I see immense potential in this niche as a freelance writer and marketer. So, I’m diving headfirst into creating valuable content in this space. Why? Firstly, it’s deeply relevant to my own life. Secondly, I want to connect with and support others on a similar path. And thirdly, I’m eager to attract high-profile brands to collaborate with on freelance projects.

I’m nine months into this freelancing adventure and couldn’t be prouder of my work. But to reach new heights, I need to go from being a “wandering generality” to a “meaningful specific.” I’m taking myself on as a client in the “longevity at midlife” niche to attract more clients from the health industry. Plus, showcasing my expertise through this project will boost my reputation and keep me in high demand.

So, here’s to embracing the journey and making a meaningful impact!

Where to start?

I’m now diving into the new Threads platform to expand my network. I aim to make a post or two daily and “find the others.” If you’re interested in what I might say about the challenges we middle-aged men must confront and overcome, give me a follow. More will come, but this is my small way to start.

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Not another pic of someone in a cold plunge

It may seem trendy, but there’s a valid reason why many of us swear by this brief and uncomfortable act of plunging into cold water.

The physical benefits are well-documented and extensive, but we often overlook the mental advantages. I’ve guided a few individuals through their first plunge, and my initial advice is always: “Don’t overthink it. Just get in without pause.”

That advice applies to various aspects of our lives. Sometimes, we get caught up overanalyzing and envisioning irrelevant scenarios and outcomes. We convince ourselves of limitations that don’t exist, make flimsy excuses, and get trapped in self-doubt. Instead, set your goal and take swift action.

My second piece of advice is to find your rhythm amidst the discomfort. Embrace it until you discover your balance. It may be chaotic and unpredictable initially, but if you persist, you’ll experience a moment of release and harmony. This is the pivotal moment you’re seeking.

When embarking on something new or uncomfortable, we may appear disorganized and reactive, requiring time to find stability. Find that steadiness within the discomfort. Many abandon their pursuits prematurely due to the initial shaky phase accompanying new experiences.

The significant part is once you’ve experienced the calm that follows the initial discomfort, you’ll gain the confidence to repeat it. It becomes progressively easier. And the same goes for life.