Embrace natural beauty

I notice young folks in their twenties striving to alter their natural youth and beauty. Similarly, people my age (around the upper 40s and older, when age becomes more apparent) opt for surgeries, procedures, and treatments to appear younger. But why? Could it be fear? Fear comes from within. Fear is an inside job that can’t be quenched by changing outward appearances. I want my daughters to avoid this path of insecurity, and wanting to be something other than who they are. As for me, I appreciate laugh lines, less perky breasts, and a bit extra around the hips and thighs. A person who embraces who they are is what I find most attractive.

What I do as a freelance writer

“The meaning of your communication is the response you get.”

I love this quote and want to unpack it to explain what I do as a freelancer.

But first, I’m happy to report that by all measures, I have reached my goals for what I set out to do almost a year ago. My hours are full; I’m working with clients and creating a second income stream.

Recently, someone asked me what I do.

In a nutshell, I’m contracted for my ability to write, but this gig is mostly about marketing.

Which brings me to the quote, “The meaning of your communication is the response you get.”

This is the essence of marketing and what owners, marketing teams, and agents of change seek my services for.

No matter your intention, the effectiveness of your messaging (i.e., marketing) is measured by the reaction it spurs in the audience you seek to address.

This applies to all varieties of personal and professional communication.

In marketing, I’m referring to content (written, video, audio) that resonates with a tribe or community by aligning with worldviews, embracing and elevating the unique aspects of a product or service, and ensuring that it’s remarkable and worth talking about.
Side note: I mine for stories to create this remarkable communication in every instance.

So storytelling is a big part of it. Another word I like to use for this is “affinity.”

Remarkable communication creates affinity, which helps build an audience that can fall in love with what is on offer.

That is the in-demand skill across the web these days. It’s what I seek to accomplish as a freelance writer, and it’s my response when people ask me what I do.

I get paid for the response my communication generates.

Next update, I would like to tell you about marketing funnels.