Empowered decision making

In every aspect of life — relationships, parenting, business, finances, and career — I’ve experienced failure in the most challenging ways, adding unnecessary difficulty to an already harsh existence.

But here’s the thing — I embrace the hard lessons. Why? Because I’m a learner. I’m here on this planet to live, love, and grow.

Now, I’m prepared to simplify everything, even the toughest challenges.

Approaching 50, which marks the start of midlife, I’m more aware of the lessons that come the hard way. However, I no longer have to choose the more challenging path or learn through hardship.

That’s why I was ecstatic when I discovered Bernadette Jiwa’s Compass of the Heart.

To clarify, Jiwa created this tool, and I’ve used it extensively, adapting it to suit my needs, which I’ll share below.

The Compass of the Heart offers a series of prompts that guide you through decision-making or reflection on decisions already made.

It serves as a tool for both reflection after an event and decision-making before an event. By using it, you’ll awaken your empathy and gain fresh perspectives.

What I love most about it is that it allows me a moment to pause and refrain from reacting impulsively. I can confidently move forward while collecting valuable insights and personal responses that have been precious to me.

Make Better Decisions and Rebuild Trust in Yourself

Fill in the information as thoroughly as possible.



What happened?


What I felt

What I thought

What I did


My alternatives


My insight, awareness, responses


Finish this reflective exercise by writing your final thoughts

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

I use this tool to help me make better decisions, boosting my confidence. With confidence, I can accomplish something.

Otherwise, life infiltrates our minds, causing us to value others’ opinions more than our own. Before we know it, we’re constantly walking on eggshells, fearing mistakes, and playing defense. This tool helps me manage that issue.

Confidence Comes Easier with the Right Guidance

As a lifelong learner, I’m my teacher. This set of questions allows me to cover all bases in various situations where choices and positive change are possible. I want to be intentional about positive change and have confidence when pursuing it.

Use Jiwa’s Compass of the Heart for yourself. Write down the questions as I’ve listed them in this post. Apply them to your situations, encounters, or events. Take your time to answer the prompts honestly. If you make this a habit, it will create a positive difference in your life.

Author: Eric

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