Deep niche

I’m a wandering generality instead of a meaningful specific. It’s okay to start as a wandering generality. Still, at some point, that needs to turn the corner toward meaningful specific. Today, I have a few examples of what I mean:

Instead of “general contractor,” it’s a general contractor specializing in kitchen remodels. Instead of a house flipper or real estate agent, it’s an agent that specializes in finding, buying, fixing, and flipping low-income mobile homes. It’s not a used car salesman; it’s someone who buys and fixes campers and then rents and sells “starter campers” for the uninitiated but curious. It’s not just a family photographer. It’s a photographer specializing in summer family portraits on Lake Michigan at sunset.

Deep niche!

Here are another couple of examples:

It’s not a personal trainer. It’s a soccer mobility, agility, and speed coach for youth players ages 12-17.

A deep niche can also combine two services to make one unique service. Such as the general contractor specializing in kitchen remodels and a skilled photographer who takes excellent before and after photos of his work. What if he hung his shingle for other general contractors for pictures of their work? He might get more jobs and connections this way, be paid for his photography, and become “known” as the guy to call for before and after general contractor photos, which they can use for their marketing.

I am going through this in my freelance writing and marketing. I am not specific. I am general. To move forward to continue to level up, I must niche down deeper.

Author: Eric

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