Look away from the pack

Alternatively, I could look away from the pack.

There’s more room to move. More room for error, too. That is part of what is scary. There’s more room for growth. More room to spread my wings.

For example, SEO company websites look and feel the same. Freelancers, too. Most florists sell the same flowers, maybe wrapped in different paper. The gyms have similar training schedules. Real estate agents run the same mailers. For most, if the formula looks like it’s working, we’re happy to follow it. Of course, follow the well-trodden path!

But… if we stick with anything long enough, heading AWAY from the pack could be best because most people don’t risk going where everyone else isn’t, and in the long run, this is how I set myself apart. It’s still too early to tell, and I have much more work in front of me.

Author: Eric

50% custody, 100% Dad. Committed to progress, effective communication & longevity. Aspiring centenarian, idea guy, freelance content marketer & copywriter. Seeking inspiration through dedication, growth, & creative expression.