Doing better is not feeling fine

Kids sometimes act like they’re okay when, the day or two before, they were outwardly really struggling with something. Then they act better about it a day or two later, but this doesn’t mean they’re fully over the issue. When we, as parents, see them acting better, let’s not think they must be *feeling* better. So then, of course, we ask them about said issue, and they might continue to hold up the artifice with a prickly response, “No, Dad! not doing better at all.” In these instances, I let them keep their strong front without asking too many more questions. I believe that our kids value it when we give them space like this. They know we’re watching, but we don’t always have to over-communicate about it. Me, personally, I know that I like to keep a chip on my shoulder as I work through problems and issues even if, sometimes especially if, progress is being made.

Author: Eric

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