More thoughts on freelancing

When I started my freelance writing journey seven months ago, I believed that taking on any work was essential, even if it didn’t align with the vision I had set forth for myself. I just wanted to start and get paid. After gaining some experience and a few clients, I’ve realized that working with fewer companies that value my work and allow me to improve my skills is more meaningful and sustainable.

Instead of pursuing the largest possible customer base, I’m now looking to narrow my focus to a smaller but sustainable market. My goal is to work with a handful of companies and a few people at each and keep busy with work that aligns with my professional and personal growth goals. This might be a slower approach, but it will deliver me where I want to be in the mid-term.

Another thing – I’ve recognized the importance of prospecting to keep a consistent workflow. Waiting for all work to be gone before seeking new clients is challenging and unpredictable. Not to mention a hard way to live. To establish a reputation and become a category of one, instead of just another person doing commodity work, I need to do exceptional work that stands out as mine. That means developing the discipline to prospect daily and investing time to work ON my business, not just IN.

I’m aware that building a sustainable and fulfilling freelance career will take time. Grateful for the day job, which I’ll continue while implementing these strategies. I’m confident that this refined approach will take me closer to my goals.

Author: Eric

50% custody, 100% Dad. Committed to progress, effective communication & longevity. Aspiring centenarian, idea guy, freelance content marketer & copywriter. Seeking inspiration through dedication, growth, & creative expression.