Human business works

Gary Vaynerchuk’s famous question, “What’s the ROI of your mother?” challenges the conventional wisdom that everything in business must have a measurable return on investment.

I have followed Gary since 2009, and I even met him in Portland at Powell Bookstore so he could sign his book, Crush It, for me. His keynotes and that book especially, were foundational as I started with this idea of building a business from scratch using the Internet.

As a successful entrepreneur and internet personality, Gary Vaynerchuk is known for his emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients rather than focusing solely on profits.

What a concept!

This idea is particularly relevant to my freelance writing, where building strong client relationships is essential. As a freelance writer, I aim to deliver high-quality work that meets clients’ needs. And while doing my best work, I prioritize building solid client relationships.

Over the past eight months since committing to this work, I have enjoyed working with four clients in my freelance writing business. Interestingly, three of these clients were from enduring relationships I had built over the years rather than from cold outreach. This experience further illustrates the importance of building solid relationships in freelance writing.

When prioritizing building relationships with clients or potential clients, I seek to create a foundation of trust and credibility that can lead to repeat business, referrals, and long-term success. It means communicating effectively, delivering work on time, and providing excellent customer service.

I emphasize the importance of bringing a human touch to business interactions.  Despite being in the age of technology and automation, there are real people with emotions, desires, and needs behind every business transaction.

Human business has never been more important. It means treating your customers, clients, and colleagues as human beings rather than just numbers on a spreadsheet. It means listening to their needs and concerns, understanding their unique situations, and finding ways to connect with them.

Human business is about building relationships, establishing trust, and creating a positive experience for everyone involved. When businesses focus on the human element of their interactions, they create a sense of connection and community that goes beyond the transactional.

It also means being proactive about staying in touch with clients and asking for feedback to improve my work continuously.

By focusing on building long-term relationships with clients, I will establish a reputation as a reliable and professional freelance writer. This reputation can lead to more opportunities, higher rates, and more fulfilling projects and work.

Today is Mother’s Day, and I woke up thinking of Gary Vaynerchuk’s question, “What’s the ROI of your mother?” it reminds me that building solid relationships is as important as business profits. As a freelance writer, building long-term relationships with my clients leads to success in terms of repeat business and personal fulfillment.

Author: Eric

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