Meaning, money and love

My children get good grades, and good grades are fine. After all, school is their primary responsibility. It’s a necessary concern. Yet, how can I not see failure when my kid’s only care is, “Will this be on the test?” and “I just want to get this assignment done,” which I believe is a signal of failure. Public schools prioritize testable knowledge over genuine learning and curiosity, failing to deliver the proper understanding and creativity needed for real-world problem-solving. This is a general critique. I know and praise the teachers who grow, adapt, and learn alongside their students. So, as a solution, I think if we put that energy into building up self-esteem, especially in our social media-driven world – and let’s say “self-esteem” is finding a balance between confidence and accountability – our young people would be in a better position for “success.” And let’s say “success” is an awareness of navigating a lifetime of meaning, money, and love.

Author: Eric

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