Message-to-Market Match

Looking at my YouTube Channel Analytics
YouTube Analytics

I wanted to share some insights on content creation.

First, content creation on the web has become a cornerstone of modern society. You must consistently create content if you have an idea to spread, a story to tell, a product to sell, or a cause or business to promote.

I started to create videos on YouTube about a month and a half ago as a temporary experiment. Given that I’m so heavily steeped in content creation for my clients, I wanted to practice on a relevant topic. And it’s been incredible to see the positive response that my videos are garnering. The engagement, views, likes, and comments have been outstanding, and it got me thinking about two important aspects: message-to-market match and content exploration.

Message-to-Market Match

The success of these videos underscores the power of aligning your message with your target audience. When we’re authentic and share our personal experiences, we naturally resonate with those who can relate. It’s a reminder that, in content creation, finding that sweet spot where your message meets the needs and interests of your audience is key. The more genuine and relatable you are, the more your content will connect with your viewers.

Experimentation and Exploration

I didn’t expect these videos to receive such a positive response, but that’s the beauty of content creation. It’s a journey of experimentation and exploration. Check and adjust. Feel free to try new things, share your experiences, and discover what resonates with your audience. As well as what doesn’t.

Even though I primarily work with small marketing teams and owners, more and more, I’m sharing ideas with solo content creators and individuals who are just breaking into the content creation game and going for it. I commend those individuals for setting their insecurities aside and being honest. In time, it will pay off.

Author: Eric

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