Getting in tune

Starting each page with the date is surprisingly helpful, not just for keeping track of the writings. It’s a signal to begin, meaning I can start writing without inspiration. The pen is in motion, or the fingers clatter across the keyboard, and I’ve taken the first step and am ready for the next. When I do this every day, the mundane comes to life.

What is something you do that sets the ritual in motion so you are in tune to run free?

Invest in value

My freelance contractors aren’t just buying the result but investing in the value of my expertise and effort toward being a remarkable communicator. So I must remember to tell that story about “marketing” and find the parallel for their business.

Marketing lesson from Jack and the Beanstalk

Remember Jack and his magic beans?

Ultimately I’m paid to write, but only because it’s a means of “marketing.” That’s why I want to refer to Jack and the Beanstalk. That fairytale offers a terrific marketing lesson.

Let’s analyze how the deal went down in three key elements.

1). Jack was open to hearing the offer (magic beans). The guy seemed shady, but he had Jack’s attention.

2). Jack wanted to believe in the offer of escaping his dreary life and getting rid of his cow. Jack was the right target audience.

3). The offer was true. The guy selling beans kept his promise, and those beans grew and grew.

Marketing that hits these three elements succeeds, which is why I keep them in mind when I’m doing the work of writing for my clients.

The power of streaks

Streaks work for improvement because streaks build pressure to keep going.

What begins as commitment develops into a habit.

I assert that habits are easier to maintain than commitment.

In my case, I’ve started this blog and decided to journal for a professional cause publicly. In the process, I went from…

Should I write today?’ (commitment)
‘What will I write today?’ (habit)

That shift changed my entire posture.

It has also offered me a buoy from assigned client writing work, which can begin to feel like all work and no play. The right habit can feel like play.

Now I will continue writing. I will leverage this happy habit toward the continued growth of my writing craft. I will consider guest writing at other publications to help my writing business and look forward to reporting about that here.

One way to level up is to adopt a commitment and turn it into a habit. Document the process along the way. People like us call that meaningful work. 

Small promises (to yourself)

Make a small promise (to yourself). Make a small promise to yourself and be on time. Continue to show up for yourself to keep that small promise on time. Fulfill this small promise again and again. Keeping a short-term promise will build your confidence and capabilities for more significant commitments in the long run. The long run is made up of several short runs.

For example, my small promise is to show up here every day for a year to write these small ditties. To show up daily with my personal writing for a professional cause. I believe if I persist in keeping this small promise, it’ll inform me about who I am supposed to serve and what my message will be, and it will earn the trust of contractors who are curious about hiring me.

What small promise are you keeping to yourself, and why does it matter?

Writing in a public journal is what I call a blog

I write in a journal because it’s my means of being accountable and honest with myself. I write in a journal because I collect small moments from life to add my thoughts and responses, making them mine. From that place springs what I write publicly. I write publicly because I believe that committing to having a point of view and scheduling a time and place to say something is improving my thinking, attitude, and trajectory (and I’d do it even if no one was reading).

If you also feel this way, we belong to the same gang!

Personal voice in professional writing

I write daily on this blog: simple writing, and more like public journaling – a personal voice in professional writing. Even if no one reads this, I would still write.


Because when I know I have to write something tomorrow, it forces me to think, form opinions, and invent ideas. It’s a daily exercise in a thoughtful examination of my world. I might say something that helps someone else. One of my opinions might stand the test of time. If I share it publicly, I will show up with the intent to form those perspectives and invent ideas.

And if someone printed one of my posts to put on the refrigerator or someone shared what I wrote with their team, that would be best.

I seek to leave behind this trail of exploration, day after day, week after week, year after year, and I can’t help but get better at what I do. I’m the type of person that wants to get better at what I do.

It starts as a commitment that evolves into a habit. I also love it.

Simultaneously, if you are reading this, and as a result, I earn your trust because of it, that’s the sweet spot.

Ultimately, my goal is to be trusted in a way that I can create awareness and make positive change. Writing this “blog” is the minimum viable way I can begin to do that, and it’s a start.

Let’s not call this a blog. Instead, it’s a personal voice in professional writing. It’s about taking the time to talk to the people who want to be talked to and earning their permission.

I won’t achieve that by manipulating SEO or the latest social media strategy. No, I gain trust and approval by showing up in a way that you’d want someone to show up for you. Right now, you and I’re sitting down for coffee to chat.

In short, I write these small things every day. It’s a habit. Therefore, I have to say something tomorrow. As a result, I’ll form opinions and invent ideas. In time, leaving a trail of exploration makes me better. My goal is to create awareness and positive change by earning trust. It’s personal writing within the practice of being a professional.

Introducing Eric L. Walker, Content Marketing and Copywriter for Hire

Hey Mom, look! My first post on my freelance writing website…

My goal with this website is to convince the right visitors to stay and continue reading.

Here are three things I seek to accomplish with this site:

  • Clearly define an offer – see my services page.
  • Specify who it’s for – see below.
  • Differentiate my value – check out the testimonials.

Let’s start by making clear who I am helping. This will modify and evolve based on every client I work with, but for starters, this is what I can help people do.

I help owners, influencers, and marketers share relevant, engaging content for their target audience, so they get the communication right and earn the trust to make more profitable transactions.

I help good people who have a good cause get the communication right, so they earn the trust necessary for world-changing transactions.

I help affiliate marketers who aren’t going fast enough create relevant, exciting content for their target audience to accelerate results.

Hello, I’m Eric L Walker.

I offer content marketing and copywriting services.

This means I know how to help you get the communication “just right.”

Remarkable communication for your website pages, blog posts, email opt-in pages, and how to organize all marketing collateral so that it translates into leads and sales.

To put it another way…

Suppose you are an owner, influencer, or marketer. In that case, I create relevant, exciting content for your target audience, so the communication is “just right,” which means you will earn the trust to make more profitable transactions.

Reach out to me to talk about your project.