The ultimate reframe exercise

The first step is to jot down the aspects of your life that trouble you.

Identify the sources of annoyance and the current challenges you face. Include the problems beyond your control and the underlying emotions simmering within you. Allow these thoughts to flow from your mind through your hand onto the paper. Consider it an emotional workout. Remember, the more specific your descriptions, the more effective the process.

Step Two

Now, select one item from your list.

For now, we will focus on one issue at a time. You can repeat this exercise with other items later. Concentrate on a single concern.

Here’s the example I chose from my list:

I’m frustrated that 50% of my hard-earned income goes toward child support!

Step Three

Generate statements of profound gratitude for the item you selected.

Allow me to explain the “root-level gratitude” concept in this context. It represents how you aspire to exist in this world—an embodiment of your true values, internal constitution, and fundamental emotions. Your ability to live up to these ideals is not a prerequisite for listing them.

Here’s an illustration of my root-level gratitude for the statement I chose:

I am immensely grateful that I can fulfill my financial obligations through child support. It reflects my perseverance and adaptability in navigating challenging economic circumstances. It sharpens my focus and strengthens my sense of purpose. Moreover, I am thankful for my robust health and unyielding energy, enabling me to work diligently. Whether the system is fair or not, supporting my children is paramount. I desire the well-being of all parents and their children. By consistently meeting my child support obligations, I reinforce the status quo. Ultimately, what does it matter? With four children, whether together or apart, my income is devoted to their welfare.

Step Four

This step is pivotal in the process. Devote your complete attention to it because it’s vital to transforming negative thoughts into positive ones.

Follow the three steps below:

  1. Reread your initial gratitude problem statement.
  2. Review the root-level gratitudes you formulated in response to your chosen statement.
  3. Rewrite your gratitude problem to reflect genuine appreciation.

Here’s how I reframed my gratitude problem:

I am grateful to contribute half of my earnings to child support because it shapes me into the person I aspire to be, embodying self-love for myself and my children.

I dissolved its negativity by undertaking this four-step process and reshaping my perspective on this particular issue. In just 30 minutes spent at the kitchen table, I experienced a profound shift. I transformed a negative thought into a positive one—a genuine miracle! Apply this approach to any aspect of your life. It works, and it’s useful for reframing your attitude, which makes all the difference with everything.

Author: Eric

50% custody, 100% Dad. Committed to progress, effective communication & longevity. Aspiring centenarian, idea guy, freelance content marketer & copywriter. Seeking inspiration through dedication, growth, & creative expression.