When You Must Get The Communication Right

Ken and I were in a writing class together. Ken said something unusual.

We were going around introducing ourselves, and we were asked to say why we had chosen to take this particular writing class.

What did we hope for? What did we need?

Ken startled us all by saying (paraphrased),

“I’m dying of a rare form of cancer. I’m still feeling pretty good, but there is something I need to do before I go. I have this series of love letters I’ve written to my wife, and I need help getting the communication right.”

That was an epiphany for me, an aha moment.

The writing was no longer about just writing. Not exactly.

Instead, writing is a place where we help each other use language to accomplish something important in our lives or our business. Writing is a means toward something bigger.

Writing is where we give one another our fullest attention to “get the communication right.” That is why I am here to help you.

Let’s get the communication right for your project.

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