The Importance of Shipping: Lessons from a Commercial Greenhouse Manager

My day job is that of a shipping manager at a commercial greenhouse.

Shipping season is a grueling four to six-week sprint for commercial greenhouse industry employees. Flowers must be shipped at specific times every day, multiple times per day, six days a week, requiring constant readiness.

This process has taught me valuable lessons about putting creative work into the world because that’s what I do in the context of getting communication right.

Here are a few parallels and notes I continue to return to when thinking about my role as a greenhouse shipping manager and a freelance writer.

Shipping refers to overcoming fears, uncertainties, and self-doubt to complete and get a project into the world. It’s an essential element in achieving success. By shipping your work — whether it’s flowers or writing — you confront your resistance and learn from the feedback you receive. This enables you to iterate, improve, and ultimately make a more significant impact in your field.

The value of shipping lies in its role as a catalyst for growth and learning. When you ship, you open yourself to both the appreciation and the criticism of others, providing you with a new perspective on your work.

As a result, shipping contributes to your development as an individual. It helps you better serve your people professionally and personally by consistently providing them with valuable, thought-provoking, and quality work.

Many people fall into the trap of waiting for perfection, but that’s a form of hiding. I champion the notion that shipping and refining along the way is better. Waiting for perfection can lead to never getting your work out there and missing out on valuable opportunities for growth and feedback.

So, whether I manage a commercial greenhouse or pursue the creative work that comes with freelance writing, I can never ignore the importance of shipping.

I can never let fear or self-doubt hold me back. I can only embrace the process of iteration and improvement and have faith that it will help me significantly impact the field I serve.

Author: Eric

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