Stories Matter

I help owners find customer stories. Then, in a workshop setting, we get the communication “right” – together – to amplify these stories. Actual individual customers. Not just how many people they serve. Instead, how they helped one person, one family, one business. This includes finding, owning, and sharing these stories, which enables an owner to demonstrate that they are not just a company that measures up. More importantly, they are a company that matters.

If there’s one thing I love doing, it’s working with another business to find and highlight their best customer stories. That’s what I enjoy about my relationships, too – listening for a story, and the story makes your ideas matter.

Author: Eric

50% custody, 100% Dad. Committed to progress, effective communication & longevity. Aspiring centenarian, idea guy, freelance content marketer & copywriter. Seeking inspiration through dedication, growth, & creative expression.