Beginner Creators Need to Create Heaps of Content

You’ve heard of the “creator economy.”

Despite only being born a decade ago, it’s become the fastest-growing type of small business. I often rub elbows with these creators, and I have made an observation.

A “creator,” by cultural definition, puts a unique signature on their work. And in the world of content creation, this “body of work” takes center stage.

The creator defines and shapes that body of work with CONTENT.

It’s difficult to break it to some creators seeking to prematurely contract my services. They have big eyes and want big follower counts. But they need to create more content first. A lot more.

Followers are important, but only once you’ve found your voice. Without a voice, worrying about follower counts will only stunt your growth as an aspiring creator.

Initially, the mission should be crystal clear for creators: find your voice. It’s a journey of self-discovery, of trial and error, and it all starts with creating heaps of content.

During this voice-finding phase, it’s about something other than amassing a big following.

It’s about having the courage to experiment with content.

This is done by taking different angles, insights, and pitches via content. It’s a process, a journey that aims to hone in on one’s unique voice.

And at first, that’s not something that can be outsourced.

What I do as a freelance writer

“The meaning of your communication is the response you get.”

I love this quote and want to unpack it to explain what I do as a freelancer.

But first, I’m happy to report that by all measures, I have reached my goals for what I set out to do almost a year ago. My hours are full; I’m working with clients and creating a second income stream.

Recently, someone asked me what I do.

In a nutshell, I’m contracted for my ability to write, but this gig is mostly about marketing.

Which brings me to the quote, “The meaning of your communication is the response you get.”

This is the essence of marketing and what owners, marketing teams, and agents of change seek my services for.

No matter your intention, the effectiveness of your messaging (i.e., marketing) is measured by the reaction it spurs in the audience you seek to address.

This applies to all varieties of personal and professional communication.

In marketing, I’m referring to content (written, video, audio) that resonates with a tribe or community by aligning with worldviews, embracing and elevating the unique aspects of a product or service, and ensuring that it’s remarkable and worth talking about.
Side note: I mine for stories to create this remarkable communication in every instance.

So storytelling is a big part of it. Another word I like to use for this is “affinity.”

Remarkable communication creates affinity, which helps build an audience that can fall in love with what is on offer.

That is the in-demand skill across the web these days. It’s what I seek to accomplish as a freelance writer, and it’s my response when people ask me what I do.

I get paid for the response my communication generates.

Next update, I would like to tell you about marketing funnels.

Summer 2023 project update

I’m still going strong with my freelance writing and marketing “side hustle,” juggling three clients while keeping up with my greenhouse day job and my kids’ ever-expanding lives. Life is hectic but fulfilling, and I’m genuinely grateful for it all.

I’m ready to take on a new -related- project: documenting my journey to healthy living. Specifically, I want to empower middle-aged men to conquer their challenges and embrace a transformative next chapter. Why this focus? Well, because at 47, I’m living it too!

I see immense potential in this niche as a freelance writer and marketer. So, I’m diving headfirst into creating valuable content in this space. Why? Firstly, it’s deeply relevant to my own life. Secondly, I want to connect with and support others on a similar path. And thirdly, I’m eager to attract high-profile brands to collaborate with on freelance projects.

I’m nine months into this freelancing adventure and couldn’t be prouder of my work. But to reach new heights, I need to go from being a “wandering generality” to a “meaningful specific.” I’m taking myself on as a client in the “longevity at midlife” niche to attract more clients from the health industry. Plus, showcasing my expertise through this project will boost my reputation and keep me in high demand.

So, here’s to embracing the journey and making a meaningful impact!

Where to start?

I’m now diving into the new Threads platform to expand my network. I aim to make a post or two daily and “find the others.” If you’re interested in what I might say about the challenges we middle-aged men must confront and overcome, give me a follow. More will come, but this is my small way to start.

Follow me here –>

What doesn’t change in business?

The principles of successful business remain unchanged.

  • Deliver what people desire.
  • Reach out to a specific audience with an offer that makes something better for them.
  • Exceed expectations for your customers.

Achieving financial success does not necessitate a groundbreaking concept or trending expertise.

That’s precisely why numerous individuals continue to achieve significant career accomplishments in 2023.

Internal conflict

Conflict is inherent in everything necessary we do. However, it’s not a clash between ourselves and the world but rather an internal struggle within us.

Consider our desire for another dessert while also longing for a healthy, slim physique. Who exactly are “we”? Who represents our self-control, and who is being controlled?

We yearn to make a difference by taking a stand, yet we also seek refuge and safety by staying hidden.

Helping others is essential, yet we also crave to keep more for ourselves.

This isn’t just a metaphor, it results from our brain chemistry. Rather than possessing a unified mind, we have conflicting interests battling one another.

The conflict between our “I” and “me” lies at the core of our human experience. One side of ourselves promotes while the other resists.

Like effective marketing, understanding our audience —in this case, ourselves— enhances our ability to craft a compelling narrative. In this case, “I” markets to “me” (and vice versa) within the confines of our thoughts.

Successful individuals have mastered the art of self-marketing, enabling them to excel.

Single Dad seeks summer fling

As a devoted single dad and ambitious professional, my life is already jam-packed with responsibilities and goals. But I’m not one to shy away from adding excitement to the mix!

This summer, I’m itching to break free from the daily grind and make room for thrilling connections and unforgettable experiences. I’m up for anything, whether a laid-back coffee chat, a cozy night of cooking, or a refreshing escapade in nature. Let’s dive into local adventures together and see where they take us!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How does this relate to the professional lens? Well, let me tell you. In the professional world, we often get so caught up in work-related stuff that we forget to nourish our personal lives. But guess what? Taking the time to explore our secret desires and make meaningful connections outside of “work” can actually enhance our professional selves.

So, let’s break the mold and discover a whole new side of life this summer. I’m searching for someone who gets it – someone who understands the balancing act between being an excellent parent and kicking butt in their daily walk of life and goals. Together, we can enjoy simple pleasures, have deep conversations, whip up some delicious meals, and get lost in the beauty of nature.

So, if you’re ready to shake things up, let’s dive headfirst into this adventure. Let’s create a few experiences that make us laugh, grow, and feel alive while juggling our personal and professional responsibilities. Because, my friend, embracing our desires and finding joy in the company of a like-minded soul makes life worth living. Are you in?

I’m always trying to get the communication right. Let me know how I did here and say Hello!

Deep niche

I’m a wandering generality instead of a meaningful specific. It’s okay to start as a wandering generality. Still, at some point, that needs to turn the corner toward meaningful specific. Today, I have a few examples of what I mean:

Instead of “general contractor,” it’s a general contractor specializing in kitchen remodels. Instead of a house flipper or real estate agent, it’s an agent that specializes in finding, buying, fixing, and flipping low-income mobile homes. It’s not a used car salesman; it’s someone who buys and fixes campers and then rents and sells “starter campers” for the uninitiated but curious. It’s not just a family photographer. It’s a photographer specializing in summer family portraits on Lake Michigan at sunset.

Deep niche!

Here are another couple of examples:

It’s not a personal trainer. It’s a soccer mobility, agility, and speed coach for youth players ages 12-17.

A deep niche can also combine two services to make one unique service. Such as the general contractor specializing in kitchen remodels and a skilled photographer who takes excellent before and after photos of his work. What if he hung his shingle for other general contractors for pictures of their work? He might get more jobs and connections this way, be paid for his photography, and become “known” as the guy to call for before and after general contractor photos, which they can use for their marketing.

I am going through this in my freelance writing and marketing. I am not specific. I am general. To move forward to continue to level up, I must niche down deeper.

Building bridges with courageous communication

The importance of effective communication cannot be overstated. Consider my neighbors across the street, a Mexican family who speak no English. Interestingly, their choice of music resonates with the tunes I often hear from my Mexican colleagues at the greenhouse. Witnessing their dedication as they depart for work at dawn, I can attest to their strong work ethic. However, in recent weeks, I’ve noticed an issue: as early as 5:45 AM, their car stereo blares excessively loud music while they prepare for the day. It’s undoubtedly too disruptive for such an early hour.

Let me clarify that my Mexican neighbors are undoubtedly kind-hearted individuals who diligently contribute to society. This morning, with the aid of Google Translate, I mustered the courage to express my concern in the best Spanish I could manage. “Hey, friend,” I said, “it’s too early for your loud music, and it wakes my children.” To my relief, he responded with a simple “Oh, Okay.” I expressed my gratitude, and we exchanged handshakes. Consequently, he promptly lowered the volume of his music.

In my pursuit of fostering a positive relationship with my neighbors, my next step involves a kind gesture, such as bringing them a pie or a thoughtful edible item. By reaching out and attempting to communicate effectively, we can bridge cultural differences and foster understanding among one another. It takes courage to step outside our comfort zones, but the rewards of meaningful connections are immeasurable.

Similarly, we must be audacious in online marketing to step beyond the ordinary and embrace innovative communication strategies.

When we engage with our target audience through captivating content, we extend a hand of understanding. Just as I thanked my neighbor for acknowledging my request, our online marketing should express gratitude to our customers. We can achieve this by valuing their feedback, responding promptly to inquiries, and expressing appreciation for their support.

Reflective writing collaboration

Being a personal writer in the professional world is not something many people do, but it’s essential. It means writing down your experiences to help you think about them and share them with others.

I want to work with people who are willing to try new things. It doesn’t matter if you work alone, do physical labor, have a job, are part of a nonprofit group, own a small business, or work with a team of realtors or a parent-teacher organization. If you want to connect what you know with what you experience in your life, I’m here to collaborate.

You have something unique to offer. By learning how to solve complicated problems, you can teach others too. In our complex world, we always have to think about how to improve our lives, relationships, and work. Reflecting on things is important for figuring out how to do that.

When we work together as reflective writers, we focus on your learning and try to understand what it means for you and the people you want to share it with. I aim to help you become willing and make writing a part of your daily routine. It’s like a tool that lets you learn from different perspectives and ideas and understand other cultures.

This is just as important as eating and breathing.

If you want to know more, let’s talk.

In-demand skills for the content revolution

For my 18 year old son Ben embarking on his journey

In today’s digital landscape, platforms like YouTube shorts, TikTok, and Instagram reels offer an incredible opportunity for those who dare to create. It’s time to unleash your creativity and build a devoted following, and procrastination only leads to regret, so start now.

Attention is the currency of the digital world. These platforms provide a stage where educational, enlightening, or entertaining content can shine. The key to gaining attention and followers is consistent posting—multiple times daily, every day.

Are you a consumer or a creator? Be the author, not the passive audience. Sell yourself through remarkable communication, not scripted sales pitches. Combine this with consistency, and success becomes a matter of when not if.

Developing in-demand skills is the pathway to freedom and financial success. Let’s explore these skills:

Creativity: Let your ideas flow without hesitation. Present them in captivating ways that resonate with your audience.

Communication: Share your ideas and experiences authentically. Connect with your audience on a personal level.

Technical Proficiency: Master video editing, audio production, and lightweight graphic design tools like Canva. These skills set you apart.

Marketing and Promotion: Collaborate with fellow creators, engage with your audience through direct messages and comments, and relentlessly promote your content.

Time Management: Effectively manage your time, balancing content creation and audience interaction.

Adaptability: Embrace change and stay sharp by adapting to new platforms, technologies, and trends.

Even if your brand doesn’t take off as expected, your skills open doors as a service provider. Help others build their businesses remotely, leveraging the power of the internet for both income and flexibility.

Remember, these sought-after writing, video production, photography, audio, and marketing skills are valuable assets. You can monetize them by offering your expertise to those who need it.

So, unlock your potential as a content creator. Be educational, enlightening, and entertaining. Take action today, captivate your audience, and seize the endless opportunities in the digital realm. Your journey starts now.