Unplugged insights

Let me begin by stating that while I appreciate the value and benefits of technology and smartphones, I am cautious about their excessive use and the negative consequences of being constantly attached to them. It’s essential to strike a balance, utilizing their advantages while being mindful of their potential drawbacks.

My main goal is to no longer keep my phone constantly on my person, inviting interruptions and distractions. I seek to untether myself.
This is the story of my journey to disconnect from my smartphone, and it starts with three rules:

  1. The phone no longer resides on my body. Instead, it rests on a ledge at home. I have set the text notification to mimic the ring of a landline phone from the 1980s. In the car, the phone stays in the glove compartment.
  2. I refrain from sleeping with the phone. I will turn the phone off and place it in a different room.
  3. I practice phone fasting by powering it off entirely.

I’ve realized that I rely on my phone excessively, leading to distraction and discomfort, even when in my pocket or hand. I must set a good example for my children and avoid becoming one of those people constantly absorbed by their phones, oblivious to their surroundings. Moreover, given the nature of my freelance work, which involves a significant amount of screen time, I must be extra mindful of my phone habits. I aim to maintain healthy “smartphone hygiene” and keep my usage in check.

This blog will introduce a new category: Unplugged Insights. It chronicles my perspective on balancing technology and life, discovering serenity amidst digital chaos, and realizing the power of disconnecting.