These are praise-worthy words from people that I have worked with in the past. 

Hey Eric, I received this feedback from [Client’s Name] and wanted to share it! Thank you for blogging for us.

“Hey guys,
I just wanted to say thank you for bringing Eric on. What a difference! His blog posts are well-written and well-organized. Super happy to have him on the job!”

–Happy Client Feedback from a Marketing Agency

Eric is at the top of the list – one heck of a team player. That is the most important attribute people must bring to my team. His next best attribute is the eagerness and constant drive he has to learn, improve and deliver. Eric is also a superb connector. There cannot be a single person out there who doesn’t like Eric. He’s just one amazing likable and most importantly helpful teaching kind of guy.

–Ann Sieg

Eric Walker is a phenomenal coach exemplifying “attraction marketing” to the core. He doesn’t just “talk” a good talk—he lives it. I met Eric originally through a coaching program we offered—he arrived as a leader. Eric has provided “over the top” value to our organization as a content writer. He’s assisted others successfully (with rave reviews) on subjects ranging from “how to write when you think you don’t know how” onto lead generation and over a dozen related areas in marketing and business development. If you’re seeking clarity and direction in your business, I highly recommend plugging into ANYTHING Eric offers to you. He knows his stuff and he leads by example. That’s the kind of guy you want to learn from.

–Mike Klingler

One of the most important elements of compelling sales copy that pulls people in and keeps them reading, is creating strong word pictures and analogies. Eric has a unique talent for this and is able to create copy that really engages the viewer. He’s also a true multimedia marketer with a wide experience with many different forms of sales and communication including speaking, one-on-one, group trainings, webinars, videos, social media, email copy and sales letters – giving him a HUGE advantage over many other one-dimensional marketers. He’s created dozens of successful promos for us, including some of our highest ROI campaigns. Work with him if you can, your business will thank you!

–Vhanyan Rayner

In a world that moves so fast, there are some voices that stand out. Some people who are brave enough to be honest. Some words that jump off the page. There are people who have enough courage to speak their truth. Eric Walker is one of those people. I love what he puts out into the world because I know that it is real.

–Ethan Alexander

Have you ever had that moment in time where you said “ah ha” and knew your life would be forever changed? Well that was my first 11 minutes with Eric. He taught me what I had been looking to learn from these so called “gurus” for years. I have paid thousands upon thousands of dollars and spent years and years with industry leaders to come up with lots of effort and little actual knowledge gained. Eric sat down with me 1:1 and explained the entire process in less than 15 minutes. I continue to use the same process for every email campaign and it is like gold — 87% open rate. Now with what I learned from Eric, the emails are turning into sales. Thanks Eric! I appreciate your no nonsense help

— Karla Harmer


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