The next right thing

I don’t solve my problems with genius solutions or out-of-the-box ideas. Well, maybe sometimes 😉. Most of the time, I solve problems and get over obstacles step by step—action by action. No one can stop me except me when I get in my way. It’s never grandiose. It often feels like a struggle. But in reality, it’s just doing the small thing before me. The small thing isn’t so small. The same principles apply to well-being. Small steps are no small thing. Huge deficits or hurt feelings aren’t taken down with a silver bullet. It’s slow, deliberate work. It’s doing the next right thing. And the next right thing, and the next right thing. No one can stop you from that but you.

Author: Eric

50% custody, 100% Dad. Committed to progress, effective communication & longevity. Aspiring centenarian, idea guy, freelance content marketer & copywriter. Seeking inspiration through dedication, growth, & creative expression.