Writing Services

1. Website copy

I will write your home, about, or work with me pages so that you have the right communication for your intended audience.

2. Landing pages 

When collecting their email address, I will write the copy for the page you send your audience.  I will also help you create and complete the valuable content you’re giving away in exchange for that email address.

3. Email writing

I will write a sequence of emails to your subscribers that is designed to make them know, like, and trust you so that they take action on your offers and recommendations.

4. Blogs and articles

I will write the kind of blogs and articles that your target audience is searching for on Google, and when they find yours, it will be exactly what they were looking for.

5. Sales pages

I will write the copy about inspiring the buyer to act as soon as they finish reading.

Interested? (Here’s my process)

  1. Great, you’re interested. I appreciate your interest.  Start by texting me at 269-389-9801 and briefly describe your project.
  2. From there, I will get back to you within 24 hours or less. We will schedule a phone call.
  3. We talk on the phone for 15 or 20 minutes.
  4. If you decide to move forward, I send you a simple contract detailing our work together. I also send an initial questionnaire for you to complete, which helps me learn more about the people you serve.
  5. In-depth phone or Zoom interview(s) to successfully complete the work.

Let’s get started. Text me at 269-389-9801 to tell me about your project.